Patient Experience

Patient Experience

When you contact our office to schedule your initial appointment, your questions, requests and concerns regarding your care will be fully heard. After selecting an appointment with one of our doctors, we will send you a link to complete the paperwork that will be securely uploaded directly to our office ensuring your appointment time will be spent with the doctor.
Your initial appointment will include:

  • Time for you to communicate the purpose of your visit, your desired dental treatment outcomes, and the opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding care.
  • A thorough review of your dental and medical history
  • A comprehensive dental examination. In most cases, this appointment is 90 minutes long including a thorough head and neck exam, oral cancer screening, full tooth and gum analysis to generate a complete diagnosis to then generate treatment options available. (Additional diagnostic records such as diagnostic models and radiographs, may be necessary depending on the nature of your case)
  • A discussion regarding our doctors’ initial findings and treatment recommendations.

After Your Initial Examination, You Will be Scheduled for a Complimentary Consultation

At this appointment, our doctors will share with you your treatment options as well as their recommendations, the ideal sequencing of your appointments, and costs associated with your care. Questions pertaining to insurance processing and payments will also be answered during the consultation.

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